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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I'm a 30 year old woman who hasn't played video games since we had a Commodore 64 when I was still attending gradeschool. My favorite games back then were Toy Bizarre (which I took to the highest levels) and Blue Max. Between then and now the only experience I've had playing "video games" (do they even call them that anymore?) was in high school when the kids I babysat for would play Super Mario Bros. on their Nintendo. I would beg to play, they would hand the controller to me, and scream instructions at me . . . which I failed to properly follow, much to their hysterical amusement. At 17, I couldn't compete with 8 and 11 year old boys. I couldn't even master jumping onto that flagpole. It sucked ass.

I guess there is one other time I tried playing games: at GameWorks in Vegas last year. I sucked ass there too.

But lately I've been wanting to have a game system at home. I am too "in my head" too often, and my spatial orientation is sort of fucked up. I don't manouver myself through space very well. Aside from the appealing graphics of games today and the sheer entertainment factor, I think playing video games could help me a little to think about navigating through space if that makes any sense.

Anyway, one of the members to my indie porn site bought me a PS2. They "whys" of that story are too detailed to number right now. But anyway, I'm pretty fucking excited. It just arrived today. He also bought a demo disc of more than 8 games, I believe. My favorite by far is Jet Li: Rise to Honor. I also like the atmosphere in Castlevania, but it doesn't seem quite as satisfying as beating the shit out of human characters. I enjoy the dripping rain sounds in both of them. I guess being a native Washingtonian has an impact on my video game preferences. Either way, I'd love to get the full version of both of these games.

My skill with all of this is piss-poor. Fortunately, my boyfriend's in the same boat (so far). All in all, I spent a splendidly wasteful first day with my PS2.

If anyone wants to buy me stuff for my PS2, I have some games and things on my Amazon wishlist.

Anyway, I decided to keep a little journal of my adventures in video games. It will be interesting to track my progress and in the future (whether I'm completely addicted to games or eventually disinterested) to look back and see the beginnings of it all.

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