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Monday, January 07, 2008

The Sims 2

I rented Sims 2 hoping it would be as cool as good old Sim City from years and years ago, combined with one of those old C64 lost-on-an-island games.

the sims 2 ps2

Sims 2 isn't as good as either of those alone. As a sim I'm forced to do things I detest, like socialize, have noisy roommates, SHOWER, do housework, etc. Just when I thought things would be fun at work, it turns out you don't get to go PLAY working. It's all about your time off in your stupid duplex trying to socialize with your stupid roommates. Clearly I am a SimCity girl who prefers impersonal blocks of buildings to trying to earn points for making out with sims. I just want to be God, the great engineer in the sky, plopping down parks and libraries. LOVED that game. Of course, I never got totally addicted to it the way my dad did, but I can understand an addiction to SimCity, not these peopley sims.

I have to confess, though, to being a changed human because of playing Sims 2; I've developed a sense of urgency I'd lost in the past six years of home-based self-employment. Playing this game with its compressed timetable in which you have to squeeze in eating, pooping, showering, working, etc. reminded me of my priorities; I want to be earning POINTS, not sitting around doing boring shit like watching myself eat, wash dishes, and change clothes. Since I started playing this game, in real life I've literally been running around the house, hurrying through all of the mundane things, loving that I don't have to WATCH myself slowly going through their motions on the screen. I want to ADVANCE I want to MAKE something I want to DO things! Oh, my ASPIRATION meter!

Even though part of me hates this game, another part of me is bizarrely motivated by it and I'm reminded of my priorities in life (totally NOT trying new styles of makeup or cleaning the toilet). I'm still curious about where the game goes and if it gets better, and I still haven't built anything or done freeplay mode at all, so I'm reluctant to send it back before I see if it gets more fun.

I would actually love to find some kind of a software simulator that allows you to plug in real-life tasks you've completed (sleep, exercise, reading, showering, etc.) and have all of them weighed and calculated as contributing to needs and alerting you when you're out of whack or are about to run out of steam in one area, the same way the meter warns you in Sims 2 when you're about to starve to death or when there are flies buzzing around your toilet. It's hard to juggle all of these duties especially when you work for yourself -- if I could import some Sims 2 tools I think I'd be balancing it all better.

Anyhoo, here are some cool cheats and tips I found online:

GrrlGamer's Review
Gamewinners: cheats, codes, hints, etc.

I think I'm going to add the PC version of this game to my "fun & games" wishlist since some of what's lame about this game are the memory limitations playing it on a console.

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