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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Crush my Console!!!

An excerpt from Melissa Gira's blog sharing a phone sex customer's request:
"I was looking for A mistress that understands a kind of strange fetish its called a crush fetish, let me explain my particular fetish is of a beutiful sexy woman take my expensive video game equipment and crushing them under her high heels while laughing and degrading me as she steps on and crushes hundreds of dollers worth of video game equipment under her heels like it was just a nunince that was in her way while telling me that I no longer need them because you are going to turn me into your sissy. Now here is what I am looking for if you would be willing to do this with me, a truly cruel mistress that I could send my games to who would enjoy dominating me over the phone and and laugh at me and makes me listen as she crushes them under her high heels."

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