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Sunday, January 16, 2005


We have been wasting SO much time playing SSX.

I play as Zoe, and Tucker plays as Nate. This is definitely my favorite of the games I've played; there's not a lot of pausing and stopping for drama, it's easy and fun to start snowboarding right away with absolutely no skill while still allowing for TONS of tricks to learn and master, it's barely violent (except for enthusiastic punches you throw at fellow boarders) so I don't wind up having nightmares about trying to kill people, and the graphics are *beautiful*. You can turn off the music and just listen to the sound of a board whooshing over snow and riding rails, and the wind howling.

It's so pretty!!

Here's an interesting little gripe with reader comments about the game. Interesting . . . we'll have to ge the first game so we can hear the famous voices of Lucy Liu and Billy Zane (mmm!).

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