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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Balin's Tomb

I know you're all *dying* to know if I met my goal: yes, last night I -finally- beat Balin's Tomb. AND Amon Hen. AND Fanghorn Forest. AND Plains of Rohan. The latter three thanks to an online walk-through I finally relented to reading. Birdman teased me for being a cheater, but trust me . . . I am still PLENTY challenged even with the tips. I have extremely poor recall so I just don't learn anything from one attempt to another. In fact, my game usually suffers the more times I try to play through a level.

Yeah, that's right. I suck at crossword puzzles and video games. But I had a blast last night. I actually have a blister forming on my left thumb. It's just so relaxing to immerse myself in something that takes all of my concentration . . . and is completely inconsequential. Vacation of the mind.

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