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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Only Rejects Play Video Games?

According to a thread I saw on an adult webmaster board, "only geeks, dweebs, and other rejects play video games". The post goes on to posit, "nothing wastes potential more than Video games. There's probably a high chance you're a star trek or Kid Rock fan if you play video games."

I can't deny that I am a geek, a dweeb, and rejected by many. But that's part of my charm and appeal as an indie webwhore.

As far as Star Trek, it was a show that my stepdad and stepbrothers watched when I was little and never really understood. I liked the girls in short futuristic go-go dresses. I liked Captain Kirk . . . and also found myself strangely attracted to Spock. As I got older I never really got into watching Next Generation or any of that . . . I felt I didn't have the foundation of understanding required to truly appreciate the show. I must say that I LOVED the documentary, Trekkies. Watching that movie actually made me want to watch the shows for the social and political subtext.

Am I a Kid Rock fan? No, I'm not a fanatic -- I have never bought any of his "music". But yeah, he appeals to me in a sweetly idealistic white trash sort of way. We saw a video on VH1 of him break dancing at a junior high assembly or something like that. How endearing!

Has any of my potential been wasted because of video games? Maybe some, but many other diversions have wasted more of my potential. Masturbating, for example, has wasted more of my time . . . but eventually helped me actualize my potential as a webwhore. ;)

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