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Thursday, May 13, 2004

Crimson Red & Island Blue

The two-pack of memory cards came a few days ago. I figured I'd lay claim to one card and Tucker could save his games on the other. I asked Tucker which color he wanted and of course he didn't care, so I chose the red one leaving him the blue (which IS the color he jokingly said he preferred).

Picking the right color of memory card was a lot like selecting a game piece in Monopoly or any other game in which players have a token to move around a board. Have you noticed that there are two kinds of people? There are the kinds of people who are very particular and passionate about their token or the color of their game piece, while other people just shrug their shoulders when you ask, "what color do you want to be?" I tend to gravitate towards the richest colors with the deepest hues, so the actual color varies from game to game.

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