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Thursday, April 08, 2004

My Day Off

Played with the dog outside a bit and brushed her a little. Let's see, what else did I do . . . spent a bunch of time playing Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. While I was disturbed and exhausted by the unrelenting violence of the movie(s), actually playing a ROLE in orc-killing was fun fun FUN! I am such a talentless gamer I am still trying to get Sam to escape with Frodo from Easdflkjai before he gets snatched up by the great winged Msdofiulknadfkj (can you tell I never read the books and do not have a head for geography-based fiction dependent on memorizing place names and strategic locations?).

After seeing a movie, we came home and tried to get some super-high res pics (the kind that take up so much memory we can only shoot seven at a time before our camera's compact flash card runs out of memory) of Tucker for the guys at Unzipped. This definitely qualifies as work - trying to find an acceptable background for the pics, outfit, lighting, etc. Lip gloss to the mouth and the nipples. Fluffing, shooting, fluffing, shooting. Thank god Tucker is a fantastic model. While downloading the pics I continued trying to escape with Frodo before the big screeching bat thing picked him up and carried him away. I've gotten to the sewers but the big troll with green jello on his head keeps finishing me off due to my poor parrying.

THEN we went to bed and fucked because all that "work" fluffing and shooting and fluffing and shooting required some follow-up.

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