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Thursday, March 11, 2004

We stayed up until four in the morning last night playing Prince of Persia. We got to the part after the axle pick-up thingy with the moon signs on it followed by a booby-trapped hallway leading to a door that would shut if the boobytrap clock ticked down. Haven't had much of a chance to play today and I have to take the game back tomorrow, but I did just now barely manage to get under that door just as it was closing.

I found myself becoming quite intolerable as the night wore on last night, screeching high-pitched orders to my boyfriend, trying to tell him what to do during his turns. I do enjoy doing a one player game with two people. It gives you a break and a chance to just watch and enjoy, but still progress in the game. We can't save our games because I don't have a memory card (yet).

I particularly enjoy killing things. The vibrations from the controller when sucking the "sand" out of characters taking their last breaths is quite satisfying.

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